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12th SKIF World Championships Dress Code Rules

12 th SKIF World Championships Rules Regarding Referee Dress Code, Karate-gi and Safety Equipment

Referee Dress Code

The standard attire for referees consists of a white short-sleeve dress shirt, gray pants, black belt, necktie (provided by the sponsor) and whistle. (Also, because referees are barefoot when refereeing, they should bring sandals for when walking around the tournament venue.)

Karate-gi (Karate Uniforms)

  1. Any athlete wearing a karate-gi made from thin see-through fabric or that includes mesh will not be allowed to compete.
  2. The only karate-gi markings that are permitted, aside from one’s personal name (which should be written vertically in the lower right-hand corner of the karate-gi jacket, above the manufacturer’s label), are the SKIF logo patch (either the Shotokan tiger mark or the vertically written Chinese characters) and a national flag. Also, the label of the manufacturer must be on the right-hand side of the hemline of the karate-gi jacket. If the logo of the manufacturer appears anywhere else (chest, shoulder, upper back, etc.), it must be smaller than 5 cm square and covered using white fabric sewn on with thread. (Covering the logo with tape is not permitted.) Any karate-gi with a logo or any type of embroidery larger than 5 cm square will not be allowed.
  3. For the next World Championships, SKIF will designate manufacturers of karate-gi that are acceptable for use in competition. Athletes will only be allowed to wear karate-gi made by these manufacturers.

Fist Protectors (Kumite Gloves)

  1. Only white fist protectors may be used. As a general rule, athletes should only use fist protectors made by the SKIF-approved manufacturer Hisho. For athletes who wish to use a similar type of fist protector that was not made by Hisho, approval must be received in advance from the Tournament Chief Referee at the Manager/Official Meeting.
  2. Athletes are encouraged to purchase SKIF-approved Hisho fist protectors in advance using the order form.

Body Protectors

  1. Athletes 15 years old and younger participating in kumite competition are required to wear a body protector during matches.
  2. Although, as a general rule, body protectors should be the same type as shown in the photos, if each participating country has their own body protectors, they may request approval in advance from the Tournament Chief Referee at the Manager/Official Meeting.
  3. Although the tournament sponsor will have some body protectors available for use, each participating country is encouraged to have their own body protectors for their athletes to use in competition.
  4. At the meeting held during the 3rd SKIF International Seminar, various opinions were expressed regarding the requirement to wear body protectors, but because this year’s World Championships are fast approaching and there is insufficient data regarding safety, athletes will be required to wear body protectors at this tournament to prevent injuries and also in consideration of liability issues in the event of an accident.
  5. The wearing of body protectors for the next World Championships will be discussed at the Tournament Meeting for this year’s World Championships.

Head Coverings for Female Athletes

Female athletes who must cover their hair for religious reasons will be permitted to use a black headscarf such as that shown in the photo. Athletes will not be allowed to wear a turban or headband during competition. For athletes that intend to wear a headscarf during competition, approval must be received in advance from the Tournament Chief Referee at the Manager/Official Meeting.


Date: May 01, 2016

Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation General Headquarters