Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation

Greeting From Soke

Hirokazu Kanazawa

Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa
10th Dan SKIF

Dear Members of the N.P.O. SKIF.

I would like to thank you all for the excellent support that you have given to me over the last 37 years and to the instructors from GHQ who visited your countries over past years. In particular to the next generation who are working so hard and establishing friendships on all continents.

To all the countries who celebrated with me Shotokan Karate Do International Federation 30 yrs celebration, and also for celebrating my Birthday in Japan this will be forever in my memory and I thank you sincerely.

I was also very honoured and humbled to be conferred in July 2012 with the status of MEIJIN by the hereditary Shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Yasuhisa the great Grandson of the last ruling Shogun, on the recommendation from the International Martial Arts Federation, the IMAF have nominated 12 MEIJIN in their history. I am honoured to be the last surviving member of this group. To the countries who support the 1st SKIF International Seminar in 2014, and the 2nd SKIF International Seminar in 2015, I thank you for your input in making these seminars so successful, as I am sure they will also be into the future.

I enjoyed the 11th SKIF World Karate Championships in Sydney Australia in the year 2012, and the 13th SKIF European Championships in Dresden Germany in 2014. Again from my heart thank you to all instructors and students Worldwide who have contributed to making Shotokan Karate Do International Federation into a Worldwide Family, I can see the amount of contact between SKIF Countries on the internet pages and this has made me very happy to see such a large connection in my International family. Also in my worldwide travels I meet many students who have told me that they have travelled to other countries and have met or made contact with members of SKIF and were made welcome by them in their dojo and homes, this indeed is International family.

I am also looking forward to the 12th SKIF World Championships to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2016. I am confident that SKIF Indonesia will be excellent in their preparation for this 12th World Championships as they were for the 7th SKIF World Championships in Bali in the year 2000. I am sure all countries are in hard training preparing for this 12th World Championships, I look forward to seeing you all perhaps before or at these World Championships.

With Best Wishes
Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa