Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation

SKIF Dan Grading and Registration

Updated: 7th July 2007

  • All SKIF members should have the dan grading test by Kancho Kanazawa and/or his nominated instructor (examiner) and those members who graded by this grading test should register their graded dan at the SKIF-GHQ.  Dan grading test is solely done by Kancho in principle, to standardize the level of skill of members.
  • All examined applications should be send to SKIF-GHQ for the registration with the registration fee within one month from the examination date.
  • All registration of graded member should start from SHO DAN registration. Those who jump up graded member should pay all registration fees of each dans.
  • All affiliated groups chief instructor who are nominated and approved by Kancho, can perform all kyu grading examination of their students. But they have to put SKIF Grading Seal on the students membership card with an examiner's signature and this membership card should be shown when those members have their dan grading examination.

Transfer of equal DAN from another Federation

Those DAN holders from the undermentioned association and federations are transferred the same DAN with the registration fees (provide the a-4 size photo copy of the original diploma)

  • JKA (Japan Karate Association), Japan
  • ISKF (International Shotokan Karate-Do Federation), USA Sensei Okazaki
  • ITKF (International Traditional Karate Federation), USA, Sensei Nishiyama

The other groups are to be consulted with SKIF-GHQ.

SKIF-GHQ strictly prohibits anybody to copy its official dan diploma also to issue a counterfeit SKIF diploma. Violation of this alert considered as criminal and will act subjected to prosecution.